About Me

and about this blog

About me

"I believe marketing should be unlocked by programming and automation. I find analysis fun, and automating them even more fun."

I'm Ping Shiuan, my friends call me PS. I'm a full-time digital marketer, part-time developer/designer and a lifelong learner. Currently I'm working with a growing US-based digital agency, heading operations, technology development and adoption. I love working on side projects and often dive into unfamiliar areas, leading to a skillset that is a mixed bag of beans, which still tastes awesome together. I spend my free time taking reading, learning Japanese, drinking tea and taking photos. We can connect via these links (preferably via LinkedIn) if you want a chat or to share ideas.

What I do



I specialise in digital marketing across Search, Display, Video and Mobile. Most of my time is spent on Search nowadays. I love analysing data, that's why I chose digital.

PPC Marketing
Conversion Optimisation
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager


My first language is C, but I've gone on to learn Python, Javascript, HTML & CSS. I use these skills to complement my full-time work by automating all the repetitive work.

Python for Data Science
Web Scraping
AdWords/Google Apps Script


I started working on UX design as an intern at 2359 Media, and eventually picked up front-end & graphic design. I love editing photos and making slides prettier.

UX Design
UI Design

About this site

This site started off as my mission to place my machine learning tools online. A good friend told me to learn Django and eventually I realised that Django can build the back-end of a website. I had worked on Wordpress a lot, but wasn't satisfied as I don't know much about PHP to customise it.

I worked on this website from Dec 2017 to end Jan 2018. It was a constant battle between my front-end and back-end brain, but I eventually deployed in early Feb 2018. It's my most satisfying side-project thus far and my greatest achievement.

The quote "Believe in the genius within us all" is a quote I carried throughout the challenging journey. The quote is now forever inscribed on the home page of this website.

What I hope to share



I write about guides on how to make your work easier through automation. As I work in digital marketing, this will mostly be geared towards that. I'm sure it's applicable to other fields too.



I hope my writing and projects can trigger a spark in your brain to lead you to a wonderful project. I have that experience a lot while reading other blogs, and I hope to do the same now.



I will publicly host the tools that I've built to the best of my abilities. The aim is to help bring greater value to everyone's work and opening up more time to spend with your family.